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[23 Jun 2004|10:29am]
Sorry I haven't updated in a long time! I have been busy updating in my other livejournal:


since its friends only. I hope everyone understands. :)

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Yet I'm nothing more than a line in your book.. [07 Jun 2004|09:44am]
xstarsinureyezx's LJ stalker is signedinblood!
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Jess! haha.. i still love you for some reason??

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[04 Jun 2004|10:44pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Today was a fun day. I got up and went to work.

.work. 1pm-5pm

I had recieved lots of phone calls during work! Well.. I had lots of missed calls which made me :). Emily called, Gabi called, Caitlin (North Caitlin) called and Tory R. texted me. I got in my car, listened to my voicemail and called Caitlin back to see if she wanted to hang out. She said yes, so I told her I would call her as soon as I got to my house. On my way home Brandon called me, wanting to hang out. I told him I was doing something with Caitlin but that I still would like too. He was at the mall and he asked me to meet him there, so I did. Jess and Caitlin Maiden were there too. :) I hung out w/ Brandon for a little bit and then went home to eat and get ready. Caitlin and I then decided that we wanted to go to the new mall. We went there for a bit, and shopped around. We went into Journey's to get her AWESOME hot pink and lime green shoelaces WHICH FIT!!!!! I TOLD YOU CAITLIN!! I TOLD YOU!! But yes.. after shopping for a bit we went to Brandon's house. We watched part of the Discovery Channel (weird Brandon..) and Viva la Bam which was hysterical. After being there for a bit we left, went back to my house watched some random tv, talked and made a pizza. Then Caitlin left and here I am. It was quite a fun Friday though, I have to say. Tomorrow I REALLY want to see HP3!! I feel soo HP deprived, especially since Caitlin told me she already saw it. :( I told Brandon I would hate him if he didn't take me.. lol. But he knew I was joking. Anyway.. I'm out. Till tomorrow friends.

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Today.. [03 Jun 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Today was nice. Brandon had his last day of school (aww) and we went out to breakfast. We ate at IHOP. It was soo nice to spend time with him because it felt like I hadn't seen him in a long time. I got to hear about whats new in his life and such. What a great guy. So yes, thats what I did before I went to work, and I had so much fun with him.

.then work.

After work I picked up May, we came to my house for about 5 minutes and we went back to her house. There we ate and talked for a bit. After that we went to Geneva Commons where we got ice cream and just walked around. I love being with May. She is absolutely crazy ALL the time and I can never NOT have a blast with her. I got home just a little bit ago and I am thinking about tomorrow which is Friday. HP comes out tomorrow, and I REALLY wanna see it. I think I'm gonna ask Tory if she wants to go w/ me. Ah, we shall see. Anyway, I'm off.. I think I might take a nap or something..



My love is your lifetaker... [02 Jun 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Yesternight was cool. May was over and we visited Brandon at the mall. We went back to my house and Gabi and Liz came over which was nice. They stayed for a little before Gabi thought her mom would kill her, so they left. May stayed and we saw that Elliott called so we decided to call him back. All in all we finally told him the truth about our little "break", and I don't think he took it too well. However, May said I really needed to tell him the truth, and I did. He hasn't called me today, so I know hes a little upset. Moving along...
Today was okay. I got up and went to school for 2 hours. Then I came home, lounged around, and went to my first day working at "the office". Wow was it amazingly boring. I don't think I've ever played Solitare, Minesweeper, Free Cell, and Hearts more in my entire life. I guess its nice that I'm getting paid to sit around, eat and play computer games.. but I was looking outside when I realized how upsetting this was. I am not going to be able to enjoy summer at all. It really does bring tears to my eyes, but I figure I have the rest of my life to enjoy and a few monthes won't put that huge a dent in my life. Once I got off work at about 4:45, I ran some errands for my boss with May which was fun. Its always fun being with May though. However, its not good for me to be driving with her. For the 3rd time while driving with May I almost blew a stop sign. I was going 50 in a 35 zone when I hear May pointing and yelling. Soon enough, I look and see a stop sign, so I slam on the breaks only to hear my tires go "sssscccccrrreeeeeeetttttttccchhhhhh". Then, we smell burt rubber which we knew came from my tires. This of course causes May to start laughing hysterically, like always. She also thought it was quite amusing that during all this, there were about 10 cars around us. haha.. I love those fun times with her.
Oh yes, Brandon and I were supposed to hang out today but he decided to sleep instead. Lol, it was kind of my fault though. The poor boy never gets any sleep anymore. I hope I see him soon though. I miss him lots. Anyway.. I'm off.


I found some fun old pics.. hooray! [31 May 2004|08:51pm]


Dennis and I! Tear for leaving seniors.

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[26 May 2004|10:13am]
[ mood | content ]

Hello all, and sorry for the lack of updates. Not much has been going on lately. I've been talking to this girl from North, Caitlin, a lot lately and she seems really cool. I love making new friends.

Update on Elliott and I: Still on a 'break'. I am still really happy with my current dating situation.. as most of you probably already know about.. so yeah.. thats all I want to say bout that.

Finals start tomorrow. I am excited a little because finals mean school is over. That in itself is an amazing thing. Plus, tomorrow morning May and Bailey and I are going to McDonalds before school, and that should be a lot of fun.

All in all: Life is treating me quite well and I'm glad to be so happy.
much love.

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Quick update.. [21 May 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello.. sorry I haven't updated in a while! I just wanted to update very quickly. Elliott and I are on a "break" right now.. I needed it.. I think its for the best, even though Elliott does not think so. BUT ANYWAY!

I have a concert tonight and I am so excited! Alyssa and I are leaving at 4:30, to get there at 6. We have general admission on the main floor and Thrice, Dashboard and the Get Up Kids are playing. I am so excited! Alyssa and I were talking about how to meet up if we got separated during the moshing and crowd surfing which got me even MORE excited for tonight! WOO WOO!!



ITS OFFICIAL [18 May 2004|08:41pm]
emotasticxsteph is my new lj that is strictly friends only.. go there if u feel u should be added. :)

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[16 May 2004|05:45pm]
Lots of things to update on. Many of which I cannot say, but I will post on my new FRIENDS ONLY lj which if I remember correctly is xemotasticstephx, but I'll double check, fill everything out and let u know. anyway.
I babysat Elliott on Saturday.. much to discuss about that one.. but not now. Brando is comin over soon. later.

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There's a tear in the fabric of your favorite dress... [14 May 2004|01:01pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Today is okay. Its Friday so I guess I'm excited. But for some reason I feel like I've been feigning my happiness, and I don't know why. I feel a lot like how Jess does now. I feel like I'm replacing old friends with new ones, and sometimes it doens't quite hit where you need it too. Things with Elliott are going okay and I'm proud to say that everyday this week I have made at least one new friend, including Brandon which is an extrememly awesome kid.
Lately I've been thinking about Christina and Benjy. I feel like they both remind me of childhood friends that I've lost. I really feel the extreme need to want to call them for some reason.. and I think I will.. I just need to figure out what I'm gonna say. Perhaps I'll have Matt assist me.. yes.. I think so.
I have been feeling the need for a private journal lately.. like there is so much I want to say but I can't say it. I think I am going to do that as soon as I'm done updating, I thought it was a great idea that Matt thought up. Clap clap to you Matthew. Anyway, today marks the first day of my weekend, and I am really excited for tomorrow. I guess we'll se what happens between Matthew and Kristyn. I think all will go amazingly well between them, but it'll be a fun double date anyway.
Well, I'm off to go make my new journal. I'll post my little member name as soon as I get it and you can request to make it on the friends list. :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

I'll leave you with some Death Cab for Cutie:

There's a tear in the fabric of your favorite dress and I'm sneaking glances
I'm looking for the patterns in static: they start to make sense the longer I'm at it

Ivory lines lead...

Your heart is a river that flows from your chest through every organ
And your brain is the dam and I am the fish who can't reach the core

Ivory lines lead...

Oh, instincts are misleading; You shouldn't think what you're feeling
They don't tell you what you know you should want

Ivory lines lead...

Oh instincts are misleading; You shouldn't think what you're feeling
They don't tell you what you know you should want

Ivory lines lead...

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My yesternight... [13 May 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So! This week has been pretty okay. I went to the zoo yesterday and it was much fun. I even saw two walrusses (sp?) having sex and Emily, Cait, Marissa, Leesie, Dez and I were all cracking up. It was so much fun though.
Yesternight Elliott and I went to trunk and it was fun. We saw Sean, Bean, Beefe, Brando and Jeff from HRB playing along w/ the poetry readings from Ryan Latimer himself. It was pretty good and I enjoyed some of it.. some more than others. Then X-tain!!!!!!! came and we hung out w/ him for a bittle. Then, after chatting w/ people (like Alyssa, and Carly and Andrew and Dennis, etc. ) we left and just hung out for a bit before I went home. I got home, returned Brandon's phone call and went to bed. What a night.
FRIDAY: Working, that kinda sucks.. ish. But I do get to see friends when I work so its all good.
SATURDAY! WOO! My most EXCITING day!!! SO! I work from 11-2 then! Matt, Kristyn Rosetti, Elliott and I are all gonna hang out. Elliott is STUCK on some park in Wheaton where we will go to and just hang out.. then that night the four of us are gonna go see a movie either at the drive in w/ Emily and Dave or go see a movie just the four of us. I am pretty content on hanging w/ Emily and Dave though cuz i love them. :)
SUNDAY: Not sure yet.. I can't remember if I am working or not but I will let u know. I think I already made plans that day.. but with whom??
Let me list my friends:
ADAM!!!!, Kaiti, Gina, Em, Tory, May, Marissa, Jess, Kristyn, and.. lots of other people but let me point out that my friend EXfriend MAGGIE IS NOT ON THE EFFING LIST!!!!!!! HAHAHA MAGS!!! HAAAA EFFING HA!!!!!! grrrrrrrr.. noo fine.. here..
FRIEND NUMBER 4MILLION 23: COOL MAGS. see.. now ur their u poop head!!!!!!!!!!!

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SORRY ABOUT THE LACK OF UPDATES! [10 May 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Sorry everyone (ESP MAGS WHO YELLS AT ME!) that I haven't been updating. SO now I will.
Friday: I had a *great* (notice the sarcasm) time working. The plusses: I saw Elliott (he came to visit me), I saw Mags (who also came to visit) and I saw Jess. Plus, I made a crap load of comission and sold about 3 decks, and I gripped em all myself. I have to say, I am gettin pretty good at this whole gripping thing.. I really like it too.
Saturday: PROM! But.. I had much to do first. My mom made me go to church so I went at about 9:30 and was done at around 10. So from 10-10:55 I went shopping for a mothers day gift. I went to Victoria's Secret where I bought her a pj set and some parfume. When I was there I saw Kate (who used to be a Manager at Zumiez and is a manager at V's Secret) and was talking to her about my prom. I was like "yeah, and I don't even know what to do with my hair yet!!" Then she told me (cuz shes going to cosomotolgy (sp?) school) that she would do my hair in a really cute updo. We planned it and she was gonna be at my house at around 2:00. Finally, at 11am I went to work, hauled ass and was done at about 1:15. From there I drove straight to 5th Ave. Flowershop to pick up Matt's boutinere (sp?) and went to my house to get ready. Kate then came over, did my hair RREEEALLLYYY pretty, (and did my makeup) and I got dressed. Finally, it was 3:15 and Matt came over. We then took pictures and left for Jennifers house. On our way there, we met up with Benjy and Christina so they could follow us to Jennifer's. Finally, after getting lost and having to turn around about 3 times, we finally got to Jennifers house. We were there with 2 other couples and we took crazy amounts of pictures and hung out at her house for a while. Then, we left, got lost about 1200000 times, and finally arrived in Oakbrook at the Hyatt. It was so much fun. Matt and I had a great time together. Plus, Benjy and Christina are awesome people, we were with them the whole time. They are 2 awesome people, and I hope to hang out with them more. anyway! SO after leaving prom, Matt and I went to visit Elliott and I realized how much I missed him, cuz I barely saw him this weekend. But Matt was WAY cool and let us all hang out for a bit. Then I went home and slept cuz on...
SUNDAY: I had confirmation. yuck. talked to Elliott for about 4 hours on the phone afterwards though. what a great kid. <3. anyway. yeah.. that was my weekend.. it was a TOTAL blast, but I wish i woulda seen Elliott more. But like I said, Matt, Benjy, Christina and I had the best time. Lots of good memories. I'll post pictures soon.

Much love,

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MAGERONI'S QUIZZER!! [06 May 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Your most like Tom DeLonge. Silly and irresistibly cute. Most of the time your a crazy, funny goof-off. But sometimes you wipe off the smile and bear the serious look.
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Hello earthling children. I wanted to say "hello" to everyone. ESPECIALLY Jess and Mags.. the two people that are sitting furthest away from me.. notice the sarcasm. ANywho.. Elliott and I are still dating (hooray!) .. umm.. Tory wants to be my lover... (hooray!)...Prom is Saturday.. (hooray!) and CONFIR-FRICKIN-MATION is on EFFING Sunday... (booray!) hahah.. im a tad goofy. Yeah.. well.. I'm out. much love to all.


Tory's cool quizzy thingy that I took! [29 Apr 2004|02:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

What emo band should you be in? by toryella
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It is Wednesday... [28 Apr 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Yesterday was good. Tryouts were long. Today is okay. Elliott got in big trouble for ditching which sucks. I'll find out what happens tonight I suppose. Tonight = skills tryouts for drill team. I'm excited though cuz I'm having like 5 people come over today before tryouts, and that'll be much fun. Anyway, I'm kinda tired so I'll leave you all some good song lyrics. much love.

"Goodbye Forever"

take your wings outside, you can't fly in here. besides, a purple sky is better soaring for you my angel. you're angel, you little devil. as for me i'll stay inside. i'll be just fine and i'll watch from the window. cannot categorize the nature of this sickness. a miracle that you're alive. stuck to the roof of my mouth with a staple. remember last april when we saw u.s. maple? somehow the singer showed the fireside exactly how i feel. and we say goodbye and go underground. or up towards the sky, up in smoke, burnt down to size. at least we're still friends. at least we're still alive. take your wings outside, no use for them in here. bad luck to open inside, work like umbrellas, like a broken mirror. it's getting clearer. the end is closer than ever before and you'll want nothing more when your head hits the floor, and you're lost in the darkness. and we say goodbye and go underground. or up towards the sky, up in smoke, burnt down to size. at least we're still friends. at least we're still alive. and we say goodbye and go underground. or up towards the sky, up in smoke, burnt down to size. at least we're still friends. at least we're still alive.


I'm good to go.. and I'm goin' nowhere fast. [27 Apr 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

'Tis Tuesday today.. and an okay tuesday at that. I finished almost all of my homework and got almost everything done, so I have time to actually relax tonight. Matter o' fact, I think I'm going to May's w/ Gina and Rach to work on hip-hop for tryouts.. it shall be fun. :)
Anywho, yesterday was fun. I gave Elliott a ride home and I had some time to kill, so we went on our little 'hippie walk'. lol, it was much fun. We just kinda walked up half a block and turned around, but it was all in the sake of being hippies. Anyway, so I dropped him off and went home where I did some of my homework. My mom then asked me to run some errands so I called up May and asked her if she wanted to go with. She did, and we were dancing in the car when Elliott called. MAY GOT HYSTERICAL and started SCRRREEAAAMMMINNNNGGG/ Laughing at the top of her lungs. I couldn't help the laugh the entire time. So, that went on for about 10 minutes or so and then she hung up with him. I felt kinda bad cuz Elliott wanted me to go w/ him and Tory and 'Eliz' (as Tory calls her :) ) to Ragamuffin. Of course, I didn't have time as I was literally RACING to get back home in time to meet Lauren and Jess for tryouts. 'O course.. I wasn't there early, but instead, in the nick of time.
Tryouts went pretty well and I was amazed at the amount of talent there was. I think a ton of girls will make it this year including Lauren and Jess. :). Today we learn a lyrical dance, so hopefully that will go okay also.
Once again, I'm taking Elliott home today, and we might go on a walk but I'm super tired.. I kinda need a nap. lol. We'll see though, I'll update tomorrow on that one.
Mags and I talked last night too though. I was glad to see she called when I came home. I called her back and we talked about EVERYTHING; from Elliott to George to .. well.. EVERYTHING. I am soo glad that her and I are okay now. :) She also left me a ring and a pen which was supposed to symbolize friendship in our locker yesterday.. but I didn't really pick up on that one.. lol. anywho!
I suppose thats all for today? Erik and I still aren't on great terms, but I guess I'm just waiting to see if he'll talk to me. ah well, more tomorrow. much love.


Monday Morning, Time To Get Outta Bed... [26 Apr 2004|09:48am]
[ mood | confused ]

Today is Monday. Did Stephanie do her hw? Answer: no! Why? Answer: Because she is LAZY! Thats really bad.. but I was really tired last night. Sigh.
The banquet was okay.. I won a few awards on the team which was cool, but I got to spend half of it text messaging back and forth w/ Elliott, Tim, and Gabi. Anyway...
This weekend should be a fun one.. but I should be concentrating on this week! And getting my hw done! But I can't.. sigh.. so here are my plans thus far.
FRIDAY: PLANS to hang out w/ Elliott, Tim and Gabi.. I dunno what we will do? Maybe see a movie? who knows, but it shall be fun, I'm sure.
SATURDAY: Going 2 Friday's W/ Kaiti! And we're gonna get potatoe skins.. this will be fun as well. :) Then work, but I wanna c if I can work around that cuz i REALLY wanna go to battle.
SUNDAY: Nothing so far.. but I'm sure something will be planned.. I also think I have work then.

Tryouts are this week. I'm excited. Lauren and Jess and I are gonna come about a 1/2 hour before tryouts to work on turns and such. I'm excited.. I hope they both make it. :) I'll let everyone know how everything goes later. Anyway, the bell is to ring in about 3 minutes and I'm out. much love.
.emotastic. steph.

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Well! [25 Apr 2004|11:38am]
This weekend was a lot of fun, even though I was working half the time.

FRIDAY: I was supposed to go out w/ May and Tim and Elliott right after school to Portillos (at like 3:30) but sadly, that fell through and I just wound up going to work. I got to meet up w/ Elliott and Tim right before work though, cuz they wanted to go to the mall and I got to chat w/ them for about 5 minutes before stepping into Zumiez. That night was kinda fun, Elliott came and visted me about 3 times and I took my whopping 15 minute break w/ him. I was glad he came to visit me. :D. Anywho, Jess came in and said hi and Gabby did too.. there was a few other people.. but Friday seems so long ago, so I can't really remember. Ah,well, thats okay. When I was working I saw George come in, and I knew that Maggie was with him along w/ other people (jess told me that they were meeting up). I also knew Maggie would avoid me since she won't talk to me about our problems in person, so, that figures. I didn't care though, I don't need drama while I'm working.

SATURDAY: Soooo much fun. Lauren called me in the morning and I had to run some errands and I told her i'd call her back.. but then I realized I didn't have her number.. SORRY LAUREN!!! But in the afternoon Tory and I went out. We went to eat at Tia Maria's (which was REALLY good, but REALLY greasy lol) and then went to Dairy Queen. After that we decided to make a field trip to Elliotts house. (BUT BEFORE I CONTINUE: CONGRATS TO TORY AND TO JAKE FOR DATING AGAIN!!! :) ) We picked him up and played a game of "where should we go" which was quite interesting.. tory made it up, lol. So we were driving into Geneva again when we saw May and decided to stalk her home. After that she too joined us and we went to down town Geneva for a bit then dropped everyone off at home. I then went to work where I saw a bunch of people, yet again, Elliott visted me, Kaiti and Matt visited me and Jess and I worked on Drill team in the middle of Zumiez, lol. It was fun. PLUS tryouts are next week, so we're really workin hard.]
TODAY: Banquet... and thats it. But I have so much hw to do too. YUCK.

Overall: an awesome weekend. I guess it does kinda suck that I am in fights w/ few people but I'm not overly concerned about it. I think its so rude that people are now treating Elliott like shit/ignoring him when he didn't do anything. I feel like more than ever I have found out who my real friends are, and I feel like I should've known since the beginning. Once again, I am not overly concerned about anything right now.. I am just looking forward to the week ahead, and the potentially awesome weekend too. :) much love.

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Last Night! [23 Apr 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Last night was much fun! Elliott and I wanted to go to North's turnk so we did. We got there at like 6:45 and as soon as we waklked in I had found old friends of mine; Brian Darrah and Joey Leonas. Then, I wasn't shocked to see Frannie, Brian's YEAR LONG (prolly more though) girlfriend. She remembered me and I was happy to see everyone. I then said hi to Matt and Elliott and Matt got aquainted, I then told Elliott that Matt was my prom date and he was like "oh cool, he seems nice". I am so impressed by his acceptance of everything and everyone. Anyway! Brian and Joey went first.. and they totally rocked. There was some poetry and some more good music that night and Elliott and I were having a blast, laughing at everyone and just hanging out. NOT TO MENTION! I saw Kaiti there!!! Which was nice, since I knew that TWO people were blowing off hw to go and see trunk. :)
Anyway, I had so much fun and I think that we'll prolly go to the next trunk.. perhaps the one at our school and the one at North. yay for having fun.
ps. this weekend is pretty shot, lots of working to do.. blah. much love to all though.

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